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FantastiX February

Wow what a month...

As February comes to an end, we are taking stock on a busy month for equestrianX and our Partners. At one point we were shipping a surface every day!

Olympic Rider

We supplied GB Equestrian Construction with an xRide topper, which they expertly laid for Italian Team Eventer Vittoria Panizzon. (11th London Olympics 2012). GB Equestrian Construction is headed up by Dean Wyatt Golding our approved installers for xRide.

We were impressed with Vittoria's feedback via her Social Media accounts; she posted videos of the horses jumping huge fences within hours of the surface being put down.

"He gained so much more flair as he realised how cushioned his new landing is!" - Vittoria Panizzon (Facebook February)

Regional Championships

Our own young xRide horses (trained exclusively on xRide) have all qualified at their Regionals, with some great scores, at various levels. 

Leading up to the Regionals, we had lots of frozen weather, but their training continued unabated up to the event. 

Consistency of schooling is paramount to maximise results, and for sure xRide added value this winter.

Our Business Model

Well... we hear you say "xRide must be expensive to buy and lay?" Well that could not be further from the truth...

xRide is fairly straight forward to lay, depending on the existing surface, or new build being considered. It's also a really low maintenance surface in use which won't require expensive and complicated maintenance programs as the years pass by.

Our business model is very simple: offer the best value surface, at the best possible price, whilst making sure performance is not compromised.

Give our business model a try, by requesting a non obligation Free Quote 

Please supply as much information as possible we can then provide the most suitable solution for you within your budget and of course the expected performance of the surface will be the priority. If we can do it we will!

Thank you for reading this item, and good luck with the horses in March!

The equestrianX Web Team..

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