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New Surface



You now have your new surface from equestrianX. When a surface is new, depending on your build and installation method, it can take a little time to settle. In most instances lots of rain helps to expedite settling; especially when a new sand surface or sub surface has been laid.

xRide topper on new sand

Once a new sand arena is finished, initially it will be quite soft to work on. The only thing that will settle it down is rainfall or sprinklers. It usually takes at least 12 weeks of regular soakings – during this period we recommend avoiding heavy use (such as lunging or jumping). 


During the settling the xRide topper may integrate with the new sand a little especially during the first 3 months. We recommend that regular rolling takes place to keep the xRide level. DO NOT HARROW the topper into the sand, as xRide works best on or near the surface of the sand. 

Initially we recommend keeping one to two xRide bags back (Depending on size of arena). As the sand and xRide settle use the extra bags to patch the xride (usually around the track), then roll the surface, to keep it level. 

Different sands will integrate with the xRide at a differing rate.  *ALL SAND MUST BE KEPT FROM DRYING OUT. 

*An xRide topper can significantly reduce the evaporation of moisture from the sand. In the driest of summers the sand may require watering.

On going maintenance 

  • From time to time check the depths of your arena surface, take remedial action if any sand area becomes too thin. Top up patches with xRide as required, to minimise future remedial action.

  • Organic matter such as droppings and leaves should be removed from your arena surface and not ridden in. Organic matter can break down causing dust and, in the long term, drainage problems.

  • Roll the surface as regulary as practical to keep the xRide level. By keeping the xRide level this reduces levelling required of the sand under the topper.


  • From time to time the track may need to have a light raking in from the kickbords due to material kickback. This is normal, and as xRide is light it is very easy to do, often within 10 to 15 minutes on a 40x20 for example.


Regular rolling is important

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