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For online purchases we accept PayPal. For a complete arena surface please contact us.


xRide is a fully synthetic replacement arena surface. It comes from the automotive industry using virgin materials. Due to the high traceability standards we can guarantee that there is no contamination. xRide is NOT a second hand material.

Synthetic surfaces like xRide have become increasingly popular over recent years, as the all weather performance is outstanding, whilst offering exceptional value. Having tested the surface for more than 4 years, we are happy with its long term performance.


xFibre is a surface additive. It can be used to stabilise a sand surface. It is made from a new material, not secondhand, therefore, we can guarantee that there is no contamination.

These fibres come in a very large compacted bale, dependent on sand chosen one bale is suitable for 100m2 offering exceptional value.


Our surfaces are of a really high quality; we can assure that there will be no metal contamination as we only deal with material which comes from one source. All the materials meet with the toughest environmental standards for sustainability, which we love!  The xRide material has become the choice of many professional riders who don't have the benefit of an indoor school or the finances to maintain a waxed surface.

We do not use our own trucks, as this would mean our haulage overheads would have to be paid for even when our trucks are stood still. Our solution is simple, WE DON'T MAKE ANY PROFIT ON HAULAGE, instead we contract to third party haulage firm for the delivery of your surface. We specialise in the surface not the running of trucks! When we quote, we break the costs down into two parts, delivery & surface material including quantity required to do the job.


On the day of delivery a huge 40ft articulated truck will turn up, we find this is the most cost effective way of transporting bulk. For example a 40x20 topper is one full load a 60x20 is two trucks worth.

This all sounds a bit scary? - Yes but again, to get a great surface at a realistic price a little bit of planing makes this one of the best, and believe it or not, most convenient ways to deliver a NEW surface. We can recommend professional installers, or deliver in multiple smaller trucks and tippers, but for bulk this is very expensive. Large tippers are great but access issues make this even more challenging, with specialist machinery needed to move the tipped load if access is restricted. We hold your hand - On the day of delivery we liase with you concerning the schedule.

But my yard is too small, access is restricted by low branches/cables etc

Concerning tight access, the lorry can be off loaded nearby as we use NEW 1000Kg rated mega sized bags. (These are strong and weather proof, so can be stored until needed). The bags can be decanted on to a tractor and trailer, and off loaded on the surface very efficiently for easy and even spreading by hand. 

A complete 40ft articulated lorry can even be off loaded through a 10 foot gate way. The lorry pulls up alongside the gate, the curtains are opened, and the tele-handler off loads from one side through the gate way. Then the lorry shunts forwards 10ft at a time. We often find this method prevents the blocking of a lane, as traffic can pass by the parked truck.


Most of our clients choose to hire a local farmer with a tele-handler to off load and distribute the bags, a whole truck can be unloaded in less than one hour, leaving the bags evenly distributed on the arena, this makes spreading by hand very easy, saving you money hiring expensive machinery. How easy is it to spread by hand? The xRide is very easy to spread with a shavings fork; it won't blow away in the wind as we use a heavy polypropylene backing and size the blend accordingly. a 40x20 topper can be laid in a day by two people, it will be a long day, but worth while. 


We have established that using an articulated truck for bulk loads is the most cost-effective way of shipping huge volumes. Articulated tippers and draw bar are great for this as well aren't they? We find that tipping a surface in the middle of an arena makes even spreading more challenging and back breaking, so hiring of a digger and operator is then required. Access is also an issue as most drag and drop tippers are 14ft in height. Its hard to establish you have received the quantity you paid for. With our bags we provide a constant bulk delivery time and time again. Our invoice is transparent and broken down into materials & transport. With equestrianX you know what you are getting.


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