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Coach 2 Rider - C2R

We are pleased to offer a range of full duplex two way radio sets for the equestrian market.


We listened to what riders were telling us; they wanted easy to use, two way radio sets, which are simple to use in the heat of competition, while being affordable.


Our own design "C2R EX Competition" set, is a genuine *two way technology for rider feedback to coach. They also represent excellent value for money with great performance. 

Model: C2R EX Competition Twin Set 


  • Easy to use (On/Off)

  • Full Duplex

  • 50 channels 

  • 100 meter range

  • Lithium Ion technology

Two way communication

CTR EX - For easy two way communication between coach and rider. This is not a one way coaching set.

With the C2R EX Competition set the coach can receive immediate feedback from the rider and visa versa. NOTE: *These are full duplex wireless radios sets are not the cheaper one way units. There is no delay either way, just clear communication. 


Small and compact the units can slip into a pocket for quick use and removal.


Tested by International Dressage Riders during warm up for competition, the feedback has been excellent. 


  • Quick to deploy

  • Two way communication 

  • Multiple units can be used at one location

  • 100 meter range but up to 130 meters possible

  • Long lasting battery 

You will receive the following


  1. Coach C2R EX Competition radio

  2. Rider C2R EX Competiton radio 

  3. 2x Coach/rider neck microphone with ear piece

  4. 1x Compact Rider ear & microphone

  5. UK Plug Charger with Twin USB outlets

  6. Two USB Charger cables

  7. Instruction download link

  8. 1 year Warranty 

Instruction Download

Whats in the pack.

The C2R EX Competition set is supplied as follows


  1. 1 x Coach two way radio 

  2. 1 x Rider two way radio​

  3. Rider and Coach quick deployment microphone and integrated ear piece.

  4. Radio neck straps with removal clip 

  5. U.K. Charger pug with two USB outlet ports

  6. 2 x USB charger leads

  7. Instructions and product registation download link

  8. Simple Environmental Packaging - No plastic clams or expensive glamour printing etc

*OFFER NOTE: For speed to market we wanted to make the C2R Ex Competition available pre season. The intention is to get great value radios into your hands before you spend more money elsewhere. We have kept the packaging simple for two reasons; to keep the retail price as low as possible while reducing the environmental impact of single use plastics.  


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