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xRide Premium Baled



xRide Premium is delivered in bales which weigh 295kg-300kg, usually there are 3 bales per pallet. Appropriate lifting equipment and drivers must be available on site, for the day of delivery. We do not supply unloading equipment to site. If a truck cannot be unloaded it will be returned to base. We can refund the cost of materials however we cannot refund the cost of haulage in either direction.


If you require us to supply a truck with a Forklift or Pallet truck (for delivery to a smooth level hard standing) please make a request in writting so we can quote for this. 


Our delivery terms and conditions are available here Day of Delivery Our general Terms & Conditions are available here


Installation Instructions - xRide Premium Baled

Seek Professional Advice

Seek professional help if unsure about installation. EquestrianX can provide a quote to provide approved contractors if required. We can also visit your site prior to installation, then provide a written report and advice as required, we do make a small charge for this service, which is, based on time and mileage. Once a surface has been spread we can not take it back into our stock. Before ordering an xRide Topper, please make sure it is suitable for your needs. We recommend you visit an existing surface and talk with xRide users to qualify it will meet your needs.

Contractor/Self build Installation

For maintenance see this page

WARNING - The bales are heavy, make sure health and safety guidelines are followed. If unsure only employ professionals used to working with heavy lifting equipment. 

WARNING - Remove bales from pallets away from the surface. Prevent any possible damage to the pallet while handling. If a pallet is damaged while on the surface contamination with broken pallet materials could occur. 

WARNING - Each bale is baled tightly using strong wire, when removing the wire wear appropriate protection gear, such as gloves and eye protection as each bale is compressed and baled under pressure. When removing the wire it may spring towards the operative. The wire once removed from the bale must be removed from the arena. DO NOT leave wire loose on the ground as it may become a trip hazard. Also make sure all the wire is removed from the surface diligently to prevent loss of the wire within the surface.

Existing surface

Make sure the exiting surface or new sand is level, firm and an even depth. We recommend a depth of 4" of firm sub surface. Such as new/old Equestrian grade Silica Sand, or old sand/fibre sand/rubber. If your surface is deep or does not drain well we recommend you seek professional advice.


Measuring the xRide Premium Topper (Baled).

We recommend a minimum spread rate of 10kg per meter squared. In some instances 15kg per meter squared. If laying at 15kg/m2 initially you may choose to lay at 10kg/m2, then add the final layer at 5kg/m2 when the first layer has settled. 


You can weigh 10kg and then spread this in one m2 to work out coverage by eye. Alternatively divide the square meterage of the school by the weight of each bale e,g one 300kg bale at 10k/m2 will cover 30m2, or one bale at 15kg will cover approx 20m2.










Spreading the xRide Premium Topper (Baled)

We recommend the use of a bed/feed spreader as used by farmers, as this will fluff up the bale, and make spreading an even surface with no compact baled parts in the mix. It is important that the spreader does not chop up the xRide at all.





WARNING- If a bale spreader is not available, then the bales can be opened up and spread by hand using shavings forks or similar. If using this method it is important that each bale is broken up thoroughly, so that no solid parts are left under the finished topper surface, as these will create an uneven ride at best, or even cause a trip hazard.

Bedding the Surface Down 

Once the surface is even and has no solid lumps. Use a Bomag or similar vibrating roller. Spend time rolling to assure the client the surface is even and does not have and unlevelled parts or lumps as this could become a trip hazard.










When the xRide surfaces is evenly laid, you may have to hand fettle the surface to make sure it remains even while in the settling phase. Settling can take time, you must not harrow the surface only roll with an appropriate weight roller. See Here for maintenance

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