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Please READ about delivery

Our Terms & Conditions on Delivery Day 

Thank you for ordering from us. To get the huge volume of product to you cost effectively we need to send it in 40 ft Articulated Trucks. We pay in advance for Haulage to get the best price possible, so once the truck is on its way to you we have to make sure you are comfortable with unloading. If unsure ask a local contractor for advise. Although we can advise an AM to PM delivery, unfortunately, due to adverse weather and accidents on our busy UK roads, we can not guarantee the time of delivery. However, the drivers, who are restricted to health and safety and drivers hours regulations usually call, if there is a delay beyond their control when safe to do so. 


Waiting time - usually a truck can be unloaded within 30 minutes, if the bags are unloaded and put to one side nearby. However, our Haulage Contractors allow up to two hours to unload. If it takes more than two hours to unload they bill us at £35 plus vat per hour waiting time. Unfortunately we have to pass this cost on to you our customer, following delivery. Being organised prevents this.

Access -  It is not cost effective for us to visit every site too make sure that access is acceptable. This is where we ask you to apply common sense. If unsure about access, first talk with us about your concern, however, on the day of delivery, if we are unaware of access problems, then we can't help fix it. Check for the following problems low branches and wires below 14ft. Tight bends, no turning space or a way out with out turning etc. 

If safe to do so a lorry can pull up alongside your entrance, if he is not stopping on a bend or other place where he could cause a hazard. The lorry can be unloaded from one side, as long as your tele handler or tractor has the reach. Check this with your contractor or farmer prior to committing to them or the delivery.

Unloading - See the images on this page, a suitable tele-handler or tractor can use the strops which come attached to the bags. Again if this is of concern please ask us for advise well before delivery day. Lifting hight and capacity to lift up to 1000Kg is a must.


If you have any concerns please address them prior to ordering. If you have ordered then address any concerns immediately so we can find a solution or refund you prior to incurring any costs. The week of delivery we will incur costs from third parties which will be passed on to you. This is avoidable if we know way in advance to find a solution.


ALL WE ASK PLEASE DON"T LEAVE IT TO THE DAY BEFORE DELIVERY as we are delivering a huge volume of materials at the best possible price, not a book from Amazon. 

Thank you

Harvey Buchanan - Business Development 



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