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Where did the summer go?

Yet another week of rain in the UK. 

Last week Horseboxes being towed out of Hickstead International. This week we are away at another show competing, in the rain. Every time we go away with the trained on xRide horse,s we miss our own xRide surface. 

The photos taken today of the warm up at a major dressage competition.

Meanwhile on the same day we receive the following message and photo from an xRide ambassador with a wonderful new build, featuring our xRide topper.

We are praying for the return of the summer soon. In the meantime if it's time to ride...      "it's time to xRide"

xRide can be used as a topper on an older sand surface, and also with new builds.

If you require any information or would like to discuss any problems you are having in the wet weather, call us on 07808 821960. 

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