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A Great Surface at a Good Price?

Is it possible to have a great surface at a good price?

It's been busy this summer at equestrianX. The reason for this? We believes a great surface should be achievable at a good price. With this in mind we have provided over 40 surfaces at the start of the summer.

Above is an image of a New Build in Hampshire, which features an xRide/Sand Hybrid solution.


The advantages of xRide on a sand base are as follows..

- Helps create a consistent going

- Excellent Grip for confident equine performance

- Helps bind the sand during settling period (3 months)

- Prevents "super fine" sands from blowing away

- Reduces dust

- Reduces evaporation from the sand during dry periods

- High Freeze Resistance

- Hydrophobic (Water repellent)

- UV stable (Won't degrade like rubber)

- Won't turn the horses legs black

- Unlike Rubber it won't turn the sand into a composite clay like substance.


If you would like more information about xRide as a topper on a New Build or an existing surface check out our quotation form. Or call us on +44 (0)7808 821960

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