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Rider Insurance

A horse or pony can be a large financial investment and it's important to have insurance in place should anything happen...

equestrianX have Partnered with P J Aiken to bring you the right horse insurance cover for you and your horse.



P J Aiken Insurance offers a specially designed horse rider insurance policy, for those who enjoy riding but who may not own a horse or pony.


  • Providers of Equine Insurance for over 20 years

  • Horse insurance cover for junior riders aged between 5–17 years

  • Adult and Adult Plus policies available for riders aged between 18–65 years


What would you do if the horse or pony that you are riding injures someone or you have an accident, how will you cope financially? 


The policies on offer includes cover for public liability up to a maximum of £2.75 million, as well as a host of other benefits including personal accident and dental treatment. 


Our insurance provider also includes vet's fees so that if the horse or pony you are riding needs a vet in an emergency, you can be safe in the knowledge that you will be covered by your horse rider insurance policy.


We offer a junior policy and two adult horse riding insurance plans, leaving you to choose which level of rider insurance cover is best for you.

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